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Untitled-1* It is hard to believe that an aesthetician saved my life but Sita Sankar saved my life. Yes…being single in your fifties is hard…yes, putting on a string bikini in your fifties is a challenging goal…and yes, Sita helped me with these things. I know full well that this article will make me feel even more naked than putting on that string bikini does! And, by the way, I did wear it this summer! 

Well, here goes…let me start from the beginning. Having been a young woman who always turned heads, I was really having trouble with the changes in my face and body that were quite typical of someone my age. I sought out Sita because she is one of the few aestheticians who has a microcurrent facial machine that painlessly tones the facial muscles (injections, surgery, and botox being the boundaries of my vanity). She then introduced me to a procedure called Venus Freeze. I had few expectations, as I tend to be suspicious by nature! After the first visit my wrinkles were reduced and the area around my cheekbones was plumper: My face looked slightly lifted!  And the best part is that it is a relaxing and pleasurable treatment. If you have spent any time searching for the elixir of youth, you surely have discovered that the definition of pain free can encompasses some unpleasant procedures! I love my Venus treatment. It really works! But that is not how Sita saved my life.

Sita introduced me to Zerona, a fat reduction procedure. I saw it worked. I believed. I knew it was safe, but I hesitated. Like many people I have a vice. My vice is a glass of good red wine every evening. At that time, however, relationship and financial issues had led me to escalate to two or three. Zerona works best with a commitment to follow the program (e.g., for every alcoholic beverage, one must drink two glasses of water). Finally, I made the commitment.

So, this summer I am feeling good running around in my bikini at the beach instead of wearing a full piece and cover up and sneaking alcoholic beverages! I will never look like the girls in their twenties but I look good for me and you know what, I had my day, and I can look at them and remember and smile. And, I am human: There are still times when I stay up all night, worry about my job, eat too much, or have the odd glass of wine! Successful people want to look good and feel good.

It is really out of style to focus on our looks—we are told to not be vain and to be happy with our body shape. Yet, when you look good, you feel good: It’s kind of mixed up isn’t it! Looking good naked without makeup and without surgery would be the ultimate goal, and at your peak health you would! 

Thank you Sita for listening to my problems as you addressed my vanity! I am now a healthier version of myself!


Michelle P.

*”At my age, 63, losing anything through my midriff seems like a monstrous undertaking, and usually doomed to failure. But 4 months ago I decided to check out the local Zerona provider after seeing it on television. This has been one of the best decisions of my life. I used to have an overflowing muffin top, and finding clothes was hard because nothing is made straight up and down, besides, tubes are never flattering. None of my old wardrobe clings anymore, and most of my pants are falling down. I have an entire new set of pants the next size down, I don’t overflow over the tops of them, and I don’t feel like I have a rope knotted around my waist when I bend over–to the floor, mind you. I feel terrific inside and out. To top it all off, I have enjoyed the downtime at the clinic with a new found passion–audible books. Thanks Sita and Sandra, this has been a godsend.”

~ Sandra R., age 63, Newmarket, Ontario Canada

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